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Storage service Arlington VA

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Storage service Arlington VA

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Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers

Safe storage of things - temporarily and permanently

Need to free up space in your home? Or it is not possible to take all the things during the move? We are ready to help! The company Pro100movers will help to organize storage of your belongings. You can store any personal belongings such as clothes, furniture and interior items, household appliances, dishes, sports equipment, fitness equipment, books, and more.

Optimal temperature and humidity level is maintained in the warehouses at any time of the year. The rooms are regularly cleaned and ventilated. Each item is carefully packed for additional dust protection. Round-the-clock video surveillance cameras help control security in the warehouses.

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The foundation of our moving service is the careful packing of each and every one of your items!

Relocate with Care: Your Home, Scratch-Free

Packing for Home, Floors, and Walls Protection from Damage

We care not only about the items we handle but also about the condition of the property where we work. It’s important to us that after our service, there’s no need for floor repairs, wall touch-ups, or carpet cleaning.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
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We Arrange Items Specially in Our Trucks

Fragile and Heavy Items - Separated

In our moving trucks we meticulously separate items and boxes to ensure their safety during transit. Fragile goods are carefully isolated and cushioned to prevent any damage, while heavier items are strategically placed to maintain balance and prevent shifting. This careful organization guarantees that all your belongings, regardless of their delicacy or weight, arrive at your destination just as they left.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
Packing Kitchen Silverware

We offer recycle containers on rental basis. Our trained packers carefully place fragile items with extra care. Containers provide heavy duty protection for the most fragile and valuable belongings.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
Glass Items and Televisions

We know how to handle the most fragile/glass items. If you don’t have the original box, we can duplicate it. Every television, china cabinet, or small mirror will be packed according to transportation standards.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
Furniture - It Matters

The packing of furniture depends on the quality of the furniture, the complexity of handling it, how far it is being moved, and where it will be stored. Heavy-duty blankets will protect against external impacts, and plastic is needed for long-term storage of furniture in storage. For containers, we use thick packing cardboard for furniture.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers
Mattresses and Sofas

After our service, mattresses and sofas remain clean and undamaged. Our team will take care of the cleanliness of delicate items. A heavy-duty plastic cover will protect bulky items.

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The warehouses are equipped with video surveillance cameras. The rooms are regularly treated against pests and rodents. A certain level of humidity is maintained in the warehouses.

It is forbidden to keep easily inflammable things, perishable products, live plants in storage.

The company offers on-demand storage services in all the states it delivers goods.

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Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers

At any convenient time, you can order the delivery of things from the warehouse – just leave an application to the manager of the company.

You can leave things in the warehouse for a long time. You can store things as long as you need at the warehouses and be always sure of their safety.

Storage service Arlington VA, Pro100movers

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