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Historic Sites in Reston. A Guide for New Residents

Welcome to Reston, Virginia, a unique town known not only for its modern amenities and vibrant community but also for its rich history and cultural legacy. For those new to Reston or considering making it their home, exploring the town’s historic sites can be a fascinating journey into the past, offering insights into the area’s development and the people who shaped its story. Here’s your guide to the must-visit historic sites in Reston.

Lake Anne Plaza: The Heart of Reston

Lake Anne Plaza is not just the center of community life in Reston; it’s also a significant historic site. As part of Robert E. Simon’s original vision for Reston, Lake Anne Plaza was the first village center, designed to be a gathering place for residents. Its architecture and planning were revolutionary at the time, intending to foster a sense of community among residants. Today, the plaza remains a vibrant spot, hosting markets, concerts, and festivals, and serves as a living museum of Reston’s innovative origins.

Reston Historic Trust & Museum

For those looking to dive deeper into Reston’s history, the Reston Historic Trust & Museum located at Lake Anne Plaza is an invaluable resource. The museum showcases exhibits on the town’s planning and development, Robert E. Simon’s vision, and the evolution of Reston from a planned community to the dynamic town it is today. Admission is free, making it an accessible way for new residents to connect with their new home’s past.

Historic Sites in Reston. A Guide for New Residents, Pro100movers

The Vanishing Reston: Bowman House and Historic Trusts

The Bowman House, situated in the Lake Anne area, stands as a testament to Reston’s pre-planned history, dating back to the 18th century. It’s one of the few remaining examples of Reston’s rural heritage, offering a glimpse into the life before the town’s development in the 1960s. Nearby, historic trusts and preserved sites dot the landscape, each telling a part of Reston’s layered history, from colonial times through to the present day.

Exploring Reston’s Green Spaces with a Historical Twist

Reston is recognized for its commitment to preserving green spaces, and many of these areas are steeped in history. Walker Nature Center, for instance, provides not only a haven for local wildlife and flora but also educational programs that often highlight the land’s historical use and significance. Trails and informational plaques across Reston’s parks offer opportunities to learn about the area’s natural and human history while enjoying the outdoors.

Moving to Reston with Pro100movers

Making the move to Reston means becoming part of a community that values both its future and its past. To ensure your transition is as smooth and worry-free as possible, consider enlisting the services of Pro100movers. Specializing in making moves easy and efficient, Pro100movers can help you settle into your new home in Reston, allowing you more time to explore the rich tapestry of historic sites and cultural heritage that make this town unique.

As you launch on your journey through Reston’s historic sites, you’ll not only learn about the town’s past but also gain a deeper appreciation for its present and future. Welcome to Reston, a place where history and modernity meet.

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